Monday 20 May, 2019

Saphire Longmore says she’s ‘cancer free’

Saphire Longmore (via Facebook)

Saphire Longmore (via Facebook)

Government Senator and beauty queen Dr Saphire Longmore has declared herself “cancer free” one year after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She shared the great news on Facebook on Tuesday, thanking God and all the people who have been supporting her during her battle with the dreadful disease.

“Today marks 1 year I recognised I have cancer.....Give Thanks.... one year later I am cancer free and on the last phase of my treatment to reduce the chances of recurrence,” Longmore wrote on the social media site.

In the post, she also shared two photos: one image showing a smiling Longmore flexing her muscles, which she said was shot at the “start” of her chemotherapy; the other, showing the senator looking content after taking her children to school on Tuesday.

“In both (photos), I am victorious, in both I am grateful to the Almighty for giving me the strength, wisdom and guidance, the people and means I need to be not just a survivor but one who thrives,” Longmore said.

“In both I am well and right where I needed to be to fulfill my destiny,” she added.

The senator, who was Miss Jamaica Universe 2000, gave thanks “to all who held and are still holding my hand, all who have sent kind words and positive vibrations.”

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Longmore also encouraged women to get themselves checked for the disease as early detection improves the chances of treatment being successful.

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