Tuesday 2 June, 2020

Santa Cruz residential community, businesses 'under robbery siege'

Residents of Deadles Boulevard in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth are under siege. They have been left cowering in their homes after a string of daytime break-ins in the community over the past two months.

A resident there told Loop News that there have been no fewer than 10 break-ins that he is aware of in the large residential community. One resident even reportedly lost his licensed firearm during a break-in.

"The situation is just awful. They broke into my neighbour's house the other day, and now mine. I came home to find my house ransacked and my pit bulls drugged and groggy. The whole community is under attack," the resident who spoke with Loop News told reporter Claude Mills.

"The Santa Cruz cops came on the scene, and they said it is probably the same persons who are doing a string of robberies in Deadles. I found three pairs of gloves in the bushes, and some of the stolen items in the bushes," the resident said.

The robbers have a particular modus operandi to their pillaging operations. First, they map out the homes of the residents to find out if they are vacant during the days. Then they use tools to cut the security grills, remove the strip to the door and gain entrance to the homes of residents who are usually out during the daytime hours.

The robbers then take phones, laptops, jewellery, perfumes and items of clothing, along with any other items which are easy to sell on the black market.

"The robbers have been preying on us. Even if you have dogs, that doesn't deter them. I was shocked when they got past my dogs. Right now, the residents of the community are penning a letter to the Member of Parliament (Evon Redman), (calling for him) to act on this matter. A lot of people have been robbed. A lot of business people are being robbed even in the town, and they are keeping it ‘hush, hush’; I don't know why," the resident said.

The local police are asking anyone with information on the break-ins, or who may know the identity of the suspects, to contact investigators.

In the meantime, there have been several reports that marauding gangsters have been pillaging business establishments and preying on business owners, especially the Chinese, in the Santa Cruz area.

Some business operators expressed the view that the perpetrators of the acts may be from areas that are currently under a state of emergency.

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