Wednesday 19 February, 2020

Sanchez set to thrill at Appleton Estate Signature Nights



The Appleton Estate Signature Nights live entertainment series returns on Thursday, June 28, with a performance by lover’s rock sensation, Sanchez at the Barbican Beach in St Andrew.

No stranger to the Appleton Estate Signature Nights stage, having performed during the series last year in Mandeville, Sanchez is expected to deliver his smooth signature reggae style, punctuated by an energetic performance that is sure to rouse fans to the event.

Sanchez, who claims over 30 years’ experience in the music industry, is among the artistes who have maintained a presence throughout the changing entertainment landscape having emerged during the 1980's dancehall movement.

He is expected to deliver from his repertoire of many hits that have earned him his spot as one of Jamaica’s leading heavyweights in music.  Brown Eye Girl and the timeless Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone are among the staple favourites that are expected to move the audience.  

The singer is looking forward to his upcoming performance on the Signature Nights stage.

“I had a great time performing at Appleton Estate Signature Nights last year and this Thursday will be even better. I’m inviting everyone to come out and enjoy tunes across the ages with me alongside Appleton Estate at Barbican Beach,” said Sanchez.

Leleika-Dee Barnes, Customer Marketing Manager, expressed her pleasure at having Sanchez on-board for the series.

“Sanchez is truly one of a kind and is a perfect pairing with Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums. Last year he transformed the stage with his energy and charisma and it was one of the highlights of the 2017 season and we had a lot of requests to bring him to Kingston," Barnes said.

"We expect nothing less from him come Thursday and we are excited to continue to lead this experience for our patrons who are lovers of reggae and rum,” she added.

Appleton Estate Signature Nights will continue its tour across the island with more stops to come in Kingston, Montego Bay, and Westmoreland.

Admission to the event is $500 and persons will receive a free mason jar with the purchase of an Appleton Estate Signature Blend Q for $1,200. Music lovers are invited to go out early to enjoy the live show beginning at 9 pm and to sip and enjoy the X-Ale, the leading cocktail for the series mixed with Appleton Estate Signature Blend and ginger ale.

Patrons must be 18 years or older to attend the event and enjoy Appleton Estate.

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