Wednesday 20 June, 2018

Samuda says Government can’t dictate to sugar factories

Speaking on Irie FM News Thursday, Samuda responded to concerns by the All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers' Association about the lack of movement of cane from Long Pond in Trelawny to other factories, as previously arranged.

Samuda said while the arrangements for the movement of sugarcane from Long Pond to Worthy Park in St Catherine are still in place, the Government has very limited operational role in the sugar sector under the present situation.

He stressed that the Government’s role in the matter now, is to advise and assists, especially regarding measures to ensure jobs for Jamaicans in the sector.

The Long Pond factory will not be put into operation for the next crop, as the owners are reportedly facing financial challenges with the operation of the factory.

However, Samuda said he expects cane reaping and movement to begin from the Long Pond area early January 2017.

He said the owners and operators of the sugar factories island-wide are responsible for the arrangements relative to the reaping and movement of cane.

FEATURED IMAGE: Minister Karl Samuda.