Sunday 21 April, 2019

Salvadorian is new president of Latin American Women’s Club

María Dolores Serrano has replaced María Pinchin as president of the Latin American Women’s Club.

Pinchin, the founder and president of the Club for many years, recently passed the responsibility of the group to Serrano, a computer engineer originally from El Salvador who has been living in Kingston for several years.

Dolores Serrano (left) with a resident at St Monica's Home.

“Our Club is in very good hands, María Dolores brings new ideas and is eager and committed to keep helping the most needed in our beautiful Jamaica,” said Pinchin in a news release.

The club also has a new board which includes several new appointees. The new board is comprised of:

·       María Dolores Serrano, President

·       María Pinchin, Honorary President

·       Sandra Beggio, Vice-president

        Aloima Suárez, Treasurer (reappointed)

·       Vladimar Ramones, Secretary

·       Melanie Bitter, Secretary Assistant

·       María Iglesias, Communication Coordinator (reappointed)

·       Xiomara Walker, Sponsorship Coordinator

·       Lucía Girón, Charity Coordinator

·       Trylzel Balladares, Projects Coordinator


Serrano said, “I am honored to take on the role of President of the Board of the Latin American Women’s Club, and I am thrilled be able to contribute to the community with charities that will continue to help the most needed in Jamaica”.

The new board has not wasted any time in continuing their charitable cause to the community. Members of the LAWC accompanied the former and new president to donate two washing machines at St Monica’s Home for Abandoned Elderly, in addition to two computers at the Riverton Youth Center.

This week, Maria Dolores Serrano and members of the Club visited St Monica’s Home for Abandoned Elderly to provide them with items given by members of the Club and spent some quality time with the elders.

These visits will be a routine element in the new board’s assignment, the release said.

Next week, the Latin American Women’s Club will visit St Anthony’s Children’s Home, an organization which protects and provides to the poor and vulnerable children, including teenage mothers in Jamaica. 

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