Thursday 9 July, 2020

Salada Foods Launches roasted coffee line

Salada Foods newest roasted and ground coffee line.

Salada Foods newest roasted and ground coffee line.

On a high from the success of their Mountain Bliss 876 line since its introduction earlier this year Salada Foods Jamaica are looking to close the year strongly with the launch of the Jamaica Mountain Peak’s Roasted line this month.

The line is now available in 8oz and 16oz packages and includes two varieties, Roasted and Ground and Roasted Whole Beans.

According to Salada Foods’ Commercial and Corporate Affairs Manager Tamii Brown, the new products reflect the company’s commitment to satisfying the evolving taste of coffee consumers.

“Salada Foods Jamaica Limited is affectionately known by Jamaicans as ‘the coffee company of Jamaica’, in order to live up to this moniker, we ensure our products match the demands of the consumer,” Brown explained.

The primary targets of this product are professionals and coffee drinkers whose taste in coffee has matured.

“We have noted that coffee-drinkers’ preference often grows to include a roasted variety. The Roasted Line from Jamaica Mountain Peak is a must-have for consumers seeking to enjoy a bolder coffee experience,” added Salada’s Commercial and Corporate Affairs Manager.

Brown is confident that the product sales will be impressive in both the retail and hospitality sectors.

“The delectable flavour profile and the competitive pricing of the products ensure that the Roasted line is poised for success within the product category,” she noted.

Based on observations of international and local consumer trends, there was a focus on making the packaging of the product user-friendly.

“The Roasted Line from Jamaica Mountain Peak is packaged in an airtight and re-sealable pouch specially designed to allay the shared concern that coffee grounds/beans will lose their freshness once opened. Additionally, the pouches were designed to be self-standing, which helps to eliminate those frustrating spills in the kitchen during each brew,” explained Brown.

The new product has already been introduced to the international market with exports of the product underway in Caribbean countries, Canada and the United States of America.

The products are a unique blend of Arabica coffees, which promise even the most discerning coffee drinkers an aromatic burst of flavour with a distinct and smooth finish.

Roasted & Ground adds more convenience to the brewing process as it is a product that is ready for addition to consumer’s brewing apparatus. The Roasted Whole Beans are for the coffee connoisseur who enjoys the tradition of grinding the beans in a coffee grinder before adding it to their brewing apparatus. 

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