Sunday 21 April, 2019

Ruel Reid praises successful Wolmer's Boys' model

Education Minister Ruel Reid addresses students and staff at Wolmer's Boy's School on Monday.

Education Minister Ruel Reid addresses students and staff at Wolmer's Boy's School on Monday.

By Karyl Walker

As Wolmer's alumni welcomed dozens of new entrants to the Heroes Circle-situated high school for boys at the start of the new academic year on Monday, Education Minister Ruel Reid praised the institution's model and said it was the standard by which Jamaican high schools were judged.

Addressing students and staff at the school’s first devotion for the year inside the Douglas Orane auditorium, Reid said while he was principal of Jamaica College, the Wolmer's model was what he copied to turn the institution – beset by indiscipline and falling standards at the time – to improve the school's image and lift morale.

He said he continued to mimic the school’s high standard of discipline and focus on academic performance as the prototype for all high schools since his appointment as Minister of Education.

“The Wolmer's model is what I copied as headmaster of Jamaica College and continue to use for all high schools as Education Minister,” he said.

Wolmer's First Devotion 2018

Wolmer's old boys honoured a longstanding tradition of welcoming new entrants to the school on Monday, encouraging the young Wolmerians to use the opportunity they earned to become model citizens.

Wolmer's is more than 275 years old and is arguably the oldest high school in the western hemisphere.

The school has produced Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, Attorney Generals, Police Commissioners, doctors, lawyers, journalists, scientists, many of the island’s top sporting personalities and others who have positively impacted society at home and abroad .

“No Wolmerian or no student at all should be left behind or come to school and not get lunch,” Reid also said.

The school’s motto – Age Quod Agis – is translated to mean 'Whatever you do, do it well.'

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