Wednesday 29 January, 2020

RUBiS 94 Old Hope Road reopens with flagship brand

The RUBiS Service Station located at 94 Old Hope Road in Kingston has reopened with double the space and upgraded facilities, and recently hosted a Grand Opening event to mark the achievement.

The expanded location now features the flagship RUBiS Ultra Shop retail concept store which proves to be convenient, not just to passing motorists, but also to the bustling surrounding community. Busy individuals can quickly pick up a wide range of items including essential household items, even late at night.

“Our patrons can enjoy a comfortable food service area with multiple offerings including gourmet hot dogs, sandwiches, patties, pastries, and fresh fruits among other snacks.  We also offer delicious ice cream, coffee, and coffee products like cappuccino and lots of other beverages,” explained RUBiS Service Station Dealer, Donovan Brown.

Attendees at the Grand Opening event, which included – Jamaica Chamber of Commerce President Larry Watson, President of the Jamaica Public Service Company Emanuel DaRosa, Hotelier Kevin Hendrickson, CEO of Austrojam Ltd Martin Zsifkovics, Jamaica Flour Mills’ Derrick Nembhard and Finance and Operations Manager of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica Tracey LaCroix – were treated to an early taste of the Ultra Shop thanks to several participating partners.  Nestle launched their new frozen coffee product – Frappelate.

An extensive list of major suppliers joined in the Grand Opening celebrations with giveaways and samples including Automotive Arts, WISYNCO, National Bakery, Honey Bun and Grace for lucky customers filling up on the range of RUBiS Ultra Tec fuels including the recently introduced Ultra Tec ULSD.

RUBiS 94 Old Hope Road now offers Ultra Tec ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel), following a massive infrastructure upgrade.  The upgraded location and has been retrofitted with automatic smart fuel controllers, new fuel pumps, as well as upgraded storage tanks. The newly installed double wall tanks meet all local and international standards for storage of petroleum-based fuel and as such increase the level of safety and reduce the environmental risks associated with the storage and dispensing of the fuel.

In addition, the service station will also feature RUBiS Fleet Card holders.  The RUBiS Fleet Card solution has been recognized as a success for corporate accounts whether they are used for private or commercial road transport fleets.

“In non-technical terms, we made it radically different and fully aligned with world-class standards,” noted RUBiS Energy Jamaica CEO Alain Carreau. “We’re sticking to our commitment to elevate to the highest international levels the safety and standards of our facilities for our customers. A modernized Service Station with our new Ultra Shop provides better and faster services along with an improved environment for both staff and customers,” he added.

Carreau is both proud and pleased with the performance of their 100% local engineers, contractors and workforce who contributed to the upgraded service station. The service station now employs 16 persons. The upgrading of 94 Old Hope Road is a part of a larger modernization project in which the company is investing, adding, “more service stations are scheduled for grand opening celebrations before the end of the year

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