Wednesday 1 April, 2020

Road March routes: Where to find the bands

Road March is almost here.

Come tomorrow, the three bands, Xaymaca International, Xodus and Bacchanal Jamaica will take to the streets of Kingston in a spectacular parade of colour, gems and feathers.

For those who won't be a part of the bands but wish to see them, here is where you can find each of them.


Xodus will kick off their road march at 10.30 am at Campion College and from there will head to Sovereign Centre, Hope Road - Lady Musgrave before stopping for lunch at the new BMW showroom.  After lunch, around 2.25 pm, the band will proceed to Trafalgar Road, Hope Road, Waterloo, West Kings HSE Road, Constant Spring Road, South Avenue and back on to Waterloo, Trafalgar Road-Hope Road ending at 6 pm at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre.


Xaymaca will start on Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston, head onto Oxford Street, Spanish Court and Worthington, then Waterloo and Trafalgar, West Kings House and Halfway Tree before going back to Trafalgar and returning to Spanish Court on Worthington. 

Bacchanal Jamaica

Bacchanal Jamaica will kick off its parade at 10 am and proceed past TGI Fridays, before heading down Lady Musgrave Road and Oxford Road, pass Eleanor and Halfway Tree before ending at the lunch spot.

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