Friday 20 April, 2018

Richie Spice was hot at Trench Town Rock

The event, held in honour of reggae legend Bob Marley, and kept in the community where he spent most of his adult life, saw Spice delighting the gathering, by working a professional set, completing most of his songs.

His performance had a little of everything to soothe the varied tastes at the free stage show.

He opened his set with Righteous Youths, before Where There Is A Will and Grooving My Girl. His voice sauntered over to the youths Pon Di Corner before he dropped It Nuh Pretty. Each got their share of cheers from the audience.

The crowd, however, got even more energetic with his delivery of Earth A Run Red, as he gave them the microphone to sing, which they obliged, by doing most of the chorus and parts of the verses.

Spice would then give them World Is A Cycle and, with time drawing to a close, he gave them the introduction of Ghetto Girl, which they lapped up. With a number of people asking him to "land di plane", he closed his act with Plane Land.

As he left the stage, he sang, "I Am Leaving, On A Jet Plane", concluding another solid performance.