Sunday 27 September, 2020

Reputed Central Village 'don' pleads guilty to gun charge

Frederick ‘Clarks Booty’ Braham last Tuesday pleaded guilty in the Corporate Area Gun Court for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, offences committed in 2012 in the Rocklands community of Central Village, St Catherine. 

Braham, a reputed Central Village don, had absconded bail and was on the run for six years before being captured in 2018, held with another illegal weapon, by the St Catherine South Special Operations Unit on December 14. 

Braham, who had been sought for almost a decade in relation to a number of shootings and murders committed in 2009, was held in a pre-dawn raid and is still before the court on the second charge, as he awaits sentencing for the 2012 matter.

Braham, who was charged under multiple identities, after giving the police three different names, was allegedly found with a 9mm pistol, containing two rounds of ammunition, inside his shoe when collared in the ‘China Town’ section of Central Village, where it is said he ruled with an iron hand. 

Having spent more than a year in custody, Braham changed his plea last week, represented by attorney Everton Bird, as he appeared before Justice Bertram Morrison.

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