Saturday 28 March, 2020

Renato Adams canters home in 'one-horse race' for police commissioner's job in Loop poll

He may stand little chance of being re-embraced in the national security setup, but he certainly has people power behind him, based on the overwhelming support for his appointment as the next police commissioner among respondents to a Loop poll.

The flamboyant and striking figure of Renato Adams, who, when he dons his police fatigues, including his helmet, balaclava and trademark dark spectacles, drives fear into the hearts of criminals island-wide, came out the winner of the proverbial 'one-horse race' at Caymanas Park.

In fact, in the poll, open since December 24, only isolated responses in favour of a few other potential candidates for the job, including former Deputy Commissioner Mark Shields, pending Acting Commissioner Novelette Grant, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor and Deputy Commissioner Glenmore Hinds, doted the 'ballots' in respect of choices outside of the landslide Adams polling.

Asked who do you want as the next police commissioner, with Grant, McGregor, Adams, Shields and Hinds being pictured as the main contenders for the post of top cop, but with options being left open for other senior serving cops or a member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), the responses were not just predominantly pro-Adams, but many of the respondent pointedly declared the basis for their support.

" man will clean up all them gunman affa the streets an meck bwoy [wet] up dem self," ranted a post in response to the Loop poll.

"The duppy maker himself, Reneto Adams, a de real big man..," chimed in another among the more sentimental posters.

"Adams.. He is not God, but (he's) effective," said another of the more glorious 'tributes'.

"Him (Adams) nah get it still, caz either INDECOM would have no work, or they will have too much work," was a jovial commentary on the well-known Adams policing doctrine.

"All criminals ‘fraid a Adams and [any] nearby bush when [he is in business]," read another of the highly pro-Adams posts.

In sort of summing up the Adams brigade's position, a post read: "If they really wanted to fight crime as they say, Mr Adams is the man for the job. If Donald Trump can run USA, Mr Adams can get the job."

But the poll was not without significant criticism of Adams' known strong-arm and confrontational style of policing, with him being accused of having committed numerous atrocities in the name of effective policing, all of which he has been exonerated of.

The ghosts of the 'Braeton Seven' and 'Kraal' killings were among the matters raised, this although Adams succeeded against legal challenges in both instances, including a murder trial in respect of the Kraal deaths.

Interestingly, another of the perceived frontrunners for the job as top cop – Englishman Mark Shields – was the lead investigator in the Kraal case.

Of note is that of all the potential contenders for the job of commissioner of police, only Adams has so far publicly declared an interest in the position.

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