Thursday 2 July, 2020

Queen Kamarla inspires change with 'Stop the Crime and Violence' Tour

Queen Kamarla

Queen Kamarla

Reggae artiste Queen Kamarla is enthusiastic about her inspired “Stop the Crime and Violence tour” which she created to foster a sense of community in war-torn areas savaged by gang violence and poverty. She has focussed her efforts on depressed communities in the Corporate Area.

"Since lately, seeing the killing of young ladies, some being beheaded  and amputated for their organs, it just made me shed tears, so I decided to do something about it," Queen Kamarla said. 

 She decided to do something about using the best medium at her disposal: music. She recorded and released a song with the title “Stop the Crime and violence” feature Sativa D Black which gave her a lot of buzz. She hopes to transform that buzz into real change. 

“Too much of our young ones and females are dying and the guys dem a run down the e-mail and a kill off the female,” Queen Kamrla said. 

"I ventured through the Kingston 12 region and I am making a change. I have been to 3rd street, Rema, Payneland and over the weekend, it was. Majestic Gardens. My main theme is to make the inner city a winner city by taking a student that is doing good in school, award that child with a scholarship, put them in a program which will develop that child to be a role model so the rest will follow."  

Seven book vouchers to help defray school expenses will be handed out to seven young role models from each community. This event will be held on the seventh week of the tour. 

"It is not what my country can do for me but what I can do for her country. I need corporate support on board to help with the funding. I need motivational speakers, it’s time to take back our beautiful island and show the world what Jamaican spirit is," she said.

Dexta Daps will headline the event on September 15th in Seaview Gardens , and on September 22nd, the venue will be Tivoli Gardens. After that, the next stops will be Fltecher's Land, Torrington Park before the climax in Arnett Gardens on October 13th. 

"I want to thank artistes like Sizzla Kalonji, Turbulance, Sativa D Black I, Zesty Ice, Zah Brick, Inkline, Carson fyah, Angel Eyes, Kerry Star, Reel Steel, George P , Ms Pickapocket and many more who have pledged their support," she said.  

The events , which have been part-sponored by Catalyst Entertainment, will be hosted by Wise Wurdz, Ishentikal, and Big Stone.

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