Wednesday 29 January, 2020

Public warned about fake Nadinola bleaching cream

Jamaicans are being warned about the possibility that the popular Nadinola bleaching cream currently on the market could be fake.

As such, persons using the cream could be putting themselves at risk according to a former distributor of the product locally, E W Abrahams and Sons (EWA).

In a newspaper advertisement on Monday, EWA said it stopped using the name Nadinola Bleaching Cream and discontinued the distribution of the product in 2015. Media reports indicate that that was the same year EWA launched its own Silken brand, sales of which have been impacted negatively by competition from fake Nadinola brands.

EWA had been manufacturing and distributing Nadinola under licence on behalf of United States-based J. Strickland & Company Ltd since 1967.

In the newspaper advertisement, EWA said it has never disclosed to anyone else the unique details of the genuine formulation for the original Nadinola product, nor has it given permission for the use of the product's original name.

“Typically deceptive, the counterfeiter keeps changing its own fraudulent package claims. Current statement on the package says the product is manufactured and distributed by J Strickland Kgn. That is false. It also conflicts with a statement on the bottle label that says the product is “Distributed by Co. Kingston,” said EWA.

EWA said it is unaware of the counterfeiter, their production methods and the composition of the fake product.

It said this raises serious health and safety concerns for the unknowing users of the fake product.

"E W Abrahams and Sons Limited/ J Strickland and Co deny any liability for any claim in damages of personal injuries to harm otherwise, resulting from the manufacture, trade or use of the fake Nadinola Bleaching Cream," the ad said.

The matter has been reported to the police.


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