Thursday 26 November, 2020

Proven Fund Managers enters unit trust market

Chorvelle Johnson, President and CEO of PROVEN Fund Managers Limited and PROVEN Wealth Limited.

Chorvelle Johnson, President and CEO of PROVEN Fund Managers Limited and PROVEN Wealth Limited.

Proven Fund Managers has added unit trusts as an option for clients who are seeking additional investment opportunities.

The product, called the Proven Select Fund was recently introduced as a solution for more diversification and less volatility as a key response to clients, Proven said in a release.

“Our Clients expressed their needs and we found the solution,” said Chorvelle Johnson, President and CEO of Proven Fund Managers Limited and Proven Wealth Limited.

She added: “Our entrance into the Unit Trust market is to deliver on three basic requirements - our clients’ need for additional investment options; our intention to maintain a diversified business portfolio and providing investment solutions that satisfy unique objectives.”

The Proven Select Fund will give clients the options to select the best investment portfolio based on their short, medium and long-term goals, the company added.

The portfolios are designed based on risk profiles and will deliver attractive returns.

In addition to the benefits of selecting Proven Select Fund, clients are encouraged to make regular contributions for a well-diversified portfolio and will be able to tap into the innovative and dynamic management of the team of professional investment managers who have deep knowledge of the markets.

The Proven Select Fund comprises four major investment portfolios which comprise:  Proven Select Money Market (JMD); Capital preservation and liquidity

Proven Select Money Market (USD); Proven Select Fixed Income (USD); Capital appreciation and interest income and Proven Select Equity (JMD)       Capital appreciation and dividend income.

Proven Select Fund will be managed by Proven Fund Managers Limited and sold by Proven Wealth Limited. 

Both companies are subsidiaries of Proven Investments Limited whose total assets as at March 31, 2017, was US$632.4 million which represented an 81.5 per cent increase over the prior corresponding year. 

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