Monday 15 July, 2019

Probe finds negligence in crash that killed Brazilian football players

Colombian authorities have concluded that fuel shortages and negligence caused a plane crash that killed 71 people in 2016, including most members of Brazilian football team Chapecoense.

The plane crashed on November 28, 2016, on a mountain just a few miles from the Colombian city of Medellin. On Friday, Colombia's Civil Aviation Authority presented the findings of a 15-month inquiry.

Officials say crew members ignored a low-fuel warning when the plane was about 40 minutes from its intended destination. Instead of making an emergency landing at a nearby airport, they headed on toward Medellin and the British Aerospace Avro RJ85 ran out of fuel.

Colombia's Colonel Miguel Camacho, the Chief Aeronautics Investigator who headed the investigation had this to say: 

"Specifically, for this flight, there was not the minimum fuel necessary for an international flight.

Inappropriate planning and flight execution that we have already mentioned, by the LAMIA company (airline owners), by not complying with having the necessary minimum amount of fuel required for an international flight. Inadequate decision making by the company administration regarding the flight as a consequence of a lack of management for flight security within their processes. We have already mentioned it, loss of situational consciousness by the crew that continued the flight, fixated on landing in Rio Negro, at all cost not knowing the precarious fuel situation. Finally, the cause was the sequential turning off of the motors as a consequence of a lack of fuel."

"If we summarise from these four causes, we could say that the accident was caused by a lack of fuel on the plane as a consequence of inappropriate management by the LAMIA company and that specifically, for this flight, there was not the minimum fuel necessary for an international flight."


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