Monday 3 August, 2020

Primary school COVID-19 project lauded for innovation, national spirit

One of the top posters that emerged from a COVID-19-focused competition at Pembroke Hall Primary School in St Andrew.

One of the top posters that emerged from a COVID-19-focused competition at Pembroke Hall Primary School in St Andrew.

Students and teachers at Pembroke Hall Primary School in St Andrew are being praised for a recent initiative that was rolled out by the school to inform and educate children of the importance of essential workers and the jobs they continue to do in light of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The exercise that came in the form of a poster competition, saw the students being encouraged by teachers to do research on the various sectors, including health, security and media, and the roles they play in trying to stem the spread of the deadly virus.

At the end of the initiative dubbed ‘Pembroke Hall Primary School Thank You Posters to Essential Workers’, all the students were commended for their efforts, and the top posters from each grade were selected, from which three emerged as the overall top performers.

Principal of the school, Ricardo Valentine, presented copies of the work that were completed by the students.

“As a part of our mandate, the Pembroke Hall Primary School is always seeking ways to enhance the holistic development of our children,” said the principal

“In light of what we now live in, it is only fitting that we teach our students to express gratitude to our essential workers who have been giving ‘only the best’ service to keep the rest of us safe during the crisis,” said the principal in a release.

“We, therefore, launched a poster competition where students were asked to use their artistic skills to create a thank you poster for the essential workers/frontline workers,” the principal added.

Other top posters from the COVID-19 competition at Pembroke Hall Primary School in St Andrew.

He explained that to get them actively engaged in the process, and to not exclude those without a computer (to ensure inclusiveness), we asked that students use their hands to do the posters, instead of creating one from a computer.

The students from grades 1 to 6 were instructed that posters should also have the name of the school, the school’s motto, along with the respective student’s name and grade.

Each grade was given an essential institution/organisation/group to focus on. These were:

Grade 1: Government (Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health)

Grade 2: News Media Workers

Grade 3: The Security Forces

Grade 4: Communication (Telecoms, Postal and Remittance)

 Grade 5: Healthcare - (Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacists)

Grade 6: Sanitation Workers (In-hospital Workers, Garbage Collectors, Street Cleaners, etc)

Six winning posters were selected, one from each grade, plus one that was specially done for the prime minister by a grade 1 child.

Social media users who have heard about the initiative have heaped praise on teachers for using this creative approach to not only educate students, but to spread a level of appreciation to those across the country who continue to risk health and safety to tackle the deadly disease in the national interest.

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