Monday 16 September, 2019

Portmore Municipal Corporation now 'Portmore City Municipality'

Desmond McKenzie

Desmond McKenzie

The Portmore Municipal Corporation has been renamed the Portmore City Municipality.

The name change was announced on Tuesday by Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie during the sitting of the House of Representatives. It is based on Ministerial Order 2018 and on Section 5/3 of the Local Government Act.

The previous name was approved in 2003. However, according to McKenzie, “the official name had presented the local authority with practical challenges that makes its representation to local and overseas partners and others within the area very difficult.”

McKenzie noted that the previous name provided no distinction in the public mind between the physical space that contains the municipality and the executive local authority. “This has created difficulty for both the administration and the employees and the elected representatives as they try to communicate with stakeholders to do business and to provide service and market the local authority as an organ of development and change…,” Mckenzie observed.

He said the name change was approved following consultations involving senior representatives of the municipality and the Local Government Ministry.

Both Opposition Members of Parliament, Fitz Jackson who is the representative for South St Catherine, and Colin Fagan who represents South East St Catherine, gave their support for the name change.

However, Fagan questioned whether plans to make Portmore a parish have been abandoned.

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