Tuesday 17 September, 2019

Popular entertainer Capleton charged for rape



Detectives assigned to the Centre for Investigation Sexual Offence and Child Abuse (CISOCA) have arrested and charged popular entertainer Clifton Bailey, otherwise called ‘Capleton’, for rape.

The charges were laid against the 51-year-old entertainer on Friday.

Reports from the police are that on Saturday, April 28 at about 11:20 a.m., Bailey reportedly hired a female hairdresser to groom his hair at a hotel in the New Kingston area. While at the hotel, it is reported that he forcibly had sexual intercourse with the female.

The matter was reported to the police and an investigation launched. Bailey was subsequently charged after a question and answer interview was conducted in the presence of his attorney.

He is to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday, May 14.

Since the incident, the attorney representing the International reggae artiste has refuted the claims and accused the female of trying to extort his client.

"I am confident that my client will be exonerated," Christopher Townsend told Loop reporter Claude Mills. 

The attorney said there is a dual investigation being conducted by the police force "because the young lady who made the report is also being investigated for extortion".

"If the justice system works how it ought to work, then he ought to be freed. I do believe that all of Jamaica should be concerned; justice is in jeopardy. It shows that there is a lack of control, and a clear fault in the decision-making process... one arm of the force is doing something and another arm is doing something. It's the same issue, it is clear to everyone that you must combine the two, but everyone is afraid to make the decision,” Townsend said.

"He is relying on the system to work; it has failed him so far. Although the police have the authority to grant station bail - and it is not unusual in circumstances like this, it has not been done. Once again, it is a failed decision; people are afraid of their shadows," said the attorney.

Reports from the artiste's management team are that he made a report to a constable on May 2 that a woman had been attempting to extort money from him after a sexual encounter days earlier. 

Allegations are that after the sexual encounter, the woman allegedly complained that she had a cyst on her ovary and had been admitted to the hospital for treatment, and according to Capleton's management, that was a lie.

The management team claimed that the alleged victim then sent one of her daughters, a 19-year-old, to pick up "snacks" from the deejay, but the demands did not subside. 

Members of the management camp claimed Capleton refused to co-operate once the woman demanded a large sum of money to allow her to be a part of a 'round-robin'.

A 'round-robin' is a financial partnership where an event is held at strict intervals, and where the group of people in the said consortium or partnership are expected to contribute and attend. 

Sources from the management team of the entertainer said police, both at the Half-Way Tree CIB and officials from CISOCA, are in possession of text messages and conversations relating to the matter.


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