Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Political bells and trumpets, personal issues cited for McBean’s fall

Corporal Arleen McBean

Corporal Arleen McBean

Days after Corporal Arleen McBean was ousted as the Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, there are reports of tensions brewing among some rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), who are represented by the federation.

Inspector Sheldon Gordon, the former General Secretary, is now the Chairman, while the General Secretary’s position has been filled by former Legal Affairs Director, Sergeant Patrae Rowe.

While some members of the federation are trying to present a united front in saying that the move was carried out in a bid to bring fresh ideas and some level of restructuring to the executive, some other members have been contacting Loop News, saying the development has been having a ripple effect on the organisation.

The new Chairman, Inspector Sheldon Gordon.

“There needs to be some level of investigation. There is more to this move than meets the eyes,” said a senior-level rank and file policeman.

The member described the move as a suspicious ousting of the chairman, who was the first woman in the 75-year history of the organisation to be placed in that position.

The member also said the move has left some members unsettled, and is threatening to bring the organisation into disrepute.

The new General Secretary, Sergeant Patrae Rowe.

“I am remonstrating the Nicodemus ousting of the federation chairman in a vote of no confidence as nothing more than a power grab,” said another member of the police union.

“The present chairman was surreptitiously installed in a move that smacks of a coup being brought on by an impatient, ambitious individual seeking relevance and exposure,” added the member who made a call for an investigation to be conducted into the procedures that led to the removal of McBean.

Also introduced in the midst were suggestions that both national and personality politics among some executive members had some significant hand in the ousting of McBean.

But other members of the federation welcomed the move, stating that the change was necessary to bring in other individuals with fresh ideas which some rank and file members believe could bring the organisation forward.

“The outgoing chairman showed very little commitment to her role as chairman,” said a member who clearly supported the change.

“Consistently throughout our tenure over the last six months, much of our time was spent doing damage control and structuring a chairman who was out of control, yet her condition exacerbates,” suggested the member.

Another member hit home even harder.

“Corporal McBean showed very little commitment to her role as chairman, and is only excited when she hears her own voice. She demonstrated poor management skills, and has only succeeded at cementing a false impression of herself in the minds of some members and vulnerable onlookers,” suggested the federation member.

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