Tuesday 10 December, 2019

Police warn motorists against the use of flashing lights and sirens

The Police High Command is strongly cautioning motorists against installing and using flashing lights and/or sirens on their vehicles.

In a state on Sunday, the high command said the warning comes ahead of the launch of a new phase of the police’s continued focus on public order, safety and traffic management, which is to involve stricter enforcement of the Road Traffic Act, among other things.

As such, motorists who have modified their vehicles with flashing lights and/or sirens that imitate those used by authorised emergency vehicles, such as police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines, are being urged to remove them immediately.

Motorists who ignore the warning to remove the devices are being warned that they will not only face inconvenience, but also the full brunt of the law, including the seizure of the vehicles to have the devices removed.

The high command said that besides being illegal, the lights also confuse members of the public while engendering apathy in others who disregard the lights and hinder the progress of entities that are authorised to use the instruments, because of past experiences with persons breaking the law.

The warning also extends to drivers of public passenger vehicles who use darker grades of tints than are allowed by law.

Earlier this year, the police began the revamping process, with police officers being placed at key intersections across the Corporate Area. The move was met with appreciation from the motoring public, and is to continue as the process moves forward.

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