Sunday 15 September, 2019

Police vehicle shot up in downtown Kingston

Police are on high alert after more than 10 men carrying high-powered weapons shot up a service vehicle in downtown Kingston early Thursday morning,

Reports are that at about 3:45am, a team of officers were travelling in the downtown area and upon reaching Charles and Oxford Street they saw a group of men, who opened fire at their team.

It is suspected that the men were about to carry out a robbery.

"We believe the men were on their way to stage another robbery and were intercepted by the police team,"Head of Kingston Western Police Division, Howard Chambers told Loop News.

Because of their numbers, the gunmen managed to open fire from several different angles at the police vehicle from Area Four, the seniior cop added.

No officer was injured during the incident.

Meanwhile, police are carrying out a search of the area after learning that one of the gunmen was shot after the officers returned fire.

Police believe the men are part of the same group of 15 armed thugs, who held up and robbed several vendors in the Coronation market two weeks ago.

Loop News broke the story that the men, carrying high powered weapons, knives and other weapons held up and robbed vendors of thousands of dollars and other valuables.


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