Sunday 20 September, 2020

Police ‘sick-out’ could continue on Wednesday

Cops on patrol in Kingston (file photo)

Cops on patrol in Kingston (file photo)

With the police and the Government at continued loggerheads over the latter’s wage offer to public servants in general, it appears that the two-day sick-out that rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) have reportedly been engaged in since Monday may go into a third day on Wednesday.

Indications are that the police are in no mood to fully return to work in the face of no material change to the offer on the table from the Government.

Reports were that the only real difference to the offer that was presented at a meeting on Monday was a proposed adjustment from a three per cent increase per year over the two-year period, to four per cent for year one and two per cent for year two.

The Police Federation has confirmed that it has rejected the adjusted six per cent wage offer.

Reports are that another meeting to further discuss the issue, is expected to be held on Wednesday.

While the two groups have failed to come to a common ground regarding the wages, there are reports coming out of the JCF that the issue of unusually high numbers of rank and file personnel not turning up for work could continue for at least another day.

Police officers from a number of divisions across the country said that since Monday they have been noticing the developments, and there is no indication that the matter will definitely come to an end before the meeting on Wednesday.

Members of the Police High Command have declined to comment on whether the developments are definitely linked to the ongoing wage issue.

Sections of the Corporate Area have reportedly been worst affected by the sick-out, with court proceedings being also hampered.

The senior JCF officers said members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) are expected to assist more broadly if the need arises.

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