Saturday 7 December, 2019

Police to interview Alkaline this week over 'After All' video

Alkaline (right) with detectives earlier this year after being questioned in relation to a criminal investigation in St Andrew. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

Alkaline (right) with detectives earlier this year after being questioned in relation to a criminal investigation in St Andrew. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, CIB, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealon Powell has revealed that detectives will be interviewing dancehall artiste Alkaline this week regarding the guns used in his controversial 'After All' video. 

"The investigation is progressing well, we have collected statements from two actors, and we are waiting to interview Alkaline this week," ACP Powell told Loop News reporter Claude Mills on Monday morning. 

"Two of the actors, who are part-time actors, who were in the video carrying guns were interviewed already, and we have interviewed the producer. We will be interviewing Alkaline next about the guns which appear in his video."

ACP Powell refused to reveal the names of the actors who were carrying guns in the video. 

There is mushrooming fallout from the controversial video which depicts corrupt police officers, trigger-pulling from gang members, weed-smoking and a gratuitous sex scene involving a fake female police officer performing an illegal sex act. At least four police officers are facing possible disciplinary sanctions after an investigation identified that they played roles in Alkaline's controversial 'After All' video.

However, music video director Jay Will is not breaking a sweat over the increased police scrutiny. He believes the investigation may be much ado about nothing because the guns used in the video are props. 

"I have no statement on the police investigation more than we understand and respect what the police are trying to do with trying to decrease crime and violence in the country and we are in full cooperation with them and their investigation," he said in a statement via phone over the weekend.

A statement from Jay Will Films read:

"All the weapons portrayed in the short film entitled "After All" were film-props. Plastic replicas and a rented imitation police uniform as commonly used in plays and theatre productions island wide. However due to the current reactions to the film by the police force. Jay Will Films would like to extend an apology to the Jamaica Constabulary Force and particularly female police officers who may have taken offence to the short film. This film was not created or conceptualized to offend anyone or did we mean any ill intent. We were simply expressing a fictional depiction of a corrupt police officer in a corrupt situation [Just an artistic expression]. We honor and respect our police officers for making our families and our children safe day to day and by no means mean any disrespect to the honest and hard working police women and men on the force. We are content creators and we do have a responsibility to depict realistic situations but at the same time, it's our duty to paint a positive picture on our country when we can, so with that said I would just like to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by our film please don't take it so literal it's just art."



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