Thursday 9 April, 2020

Police High Command warns against ‘Jump Triple Challenge’

The Police High Command has advised that it has taken note of the dangerous social media trip jump trend that is being practised in Jamaica, especially in schools, and has warned persons not to participate in it, as severe repercussions could follow.

“Aside from civil damages, criminal charges, including assault and in worst-case scenarios, manslaughter, could be levied against participants of the game in the event the police receive a report about injuries or death,” the police stated in a release.

The social media trend, which is termed the ‘Jump Trip Challenge’, involves three individuals, one of whom is oblivious to the hidden agenda behind the game. That individual is coerced into jumping together with the other persons, not knowing that he or she will be suddenly tripped. In many instances, the ‘challenge’ has resulted in individuals sustaining serious injuries.

The police are strongly advising individuals, particularly school children, to desist from participating in the challenge. Parents are also advised to pay close attention to their children, and advise them about the dangers of the challenge.

The call from the police followed one from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information for various stakeholders to immediately nip in the bud, any emergence of the dangerous prank.

“School administrators are being cautioned against the popular prank within our schools, and are advised to take every precaution to stymie this practice," stated a correspondence from the ministry to its regional directors, school board chairmen and principals of all public schools.

The National Secondary Students’ Council (NSSC) has also added its voice to the ongoing calls for students at various educational institutions across the island to desist from engaging in the prank.

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