Tuesday 22 October, 2019

Police clampdown on illegal 'cash pot' operations

Members of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Division (C-TOC) on Saturday arrested two persons and seized over $200,000 during a series of operations to clamp down on vendors selling illegal 'cash pot' bets.

"The operations were carried out across the Corporate Area and were aimed at placing a dent into this underground trade that our intelligence tells us is being used to fund a number of gangs," a senior member of C-TOC told Loop News.

"We have received intelligence informing us that members of the criminal underworld are using these vendors to fund their illegal operations. We have also received information that criminals are trying to increase the number of vendors offering the illegal service on streets across the island with the approach of the Christmas holidays," the C-TOC member elaborated.

Police have warned that they will not sit by and allow this to happen.

"We have received the information and have stepped up our operations to go after these persons,” the C-TOC member indicated.

There is a clear warning of more operations to come against the illegal 'cash pot' operations.

 "Two persons were held…, and we can warn that more arrests are to be made in the coming days," said the C-TOC officer, who asked not to be named.

C-TOC officials said they have gathered the names of several persons who are believed to be key players in the illegal scheme, and will be going after these individuals.




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