Monday 25 March, 2019

Police already in touch with gun-toting bank customer

Screenshot of a video showing the moments after a man pulled a gun inside the Half Way Tree NCB branch.

Screenshot of a video showing the moments after a man pulled a gun inside the Half Way Tree NCB branch.

The police have launched an investigation into Wednesday’s incident that triggered widespread panic among customers at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) branch in Half-Way Tree following a heated argument between a man who reportedly went to the institution to conduct business, and security guards at the financial institution.

The incident involved the man brandishing his licensed firearm in the bank, and parading with it during the squabble with security guards in the institution, and leaving likewise after being coaxed to depart by the security personnel.

The frightening episode was captured on video, which has been publicly released.

Now police investigators are putting the pieces together to establish what triggered the unusual incident, and one of the first step was contact with the man in question.

“The suspect in the case has visited the Half-Way Tree Police Station, where a statement was taken from him and he is expected to return,” a senior investigator told Loop News.

The police say they are also waiting to hold discussions with officials from the bank as they seek to put together the pieces to aid in their probe.

And as the investigators continue to probe the incident, sources have pointed Loop News to what is believed to have started the incident.

Reports are that the man went to the institution to withdraw a sum of cash, but was told that the amount that he was seeking to withdraw would require him filling out a declaration form.

Report from police sources are that the man, who was already frustrated because of the long line he had been in, and the length of time it was taking for transactions at the bank to be processed, became agitated.

Full details are still not clear, but Information has surfaced that after completing the form, the man was told that he had to wait some more before his transaction could be done.

The already annoyed customer reportedly began to express his frustration aloud, and was reportedly confronted by security guards about his behaviour.

Sources claimed that the situation resulted in a physical standoff, as the argument escalated.

It is not yet clear what caused at least one gun to be drawn, but it is reported that the man pulled his firearm.

The security guards managed to defuse the situation, but this was not before customers saw the physical tussle in the financial institution, with the exposed gun in the midst, which set off a panic.

The agitation ended with the man, with gun still in hand, being pursued to leave the building.

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