Saturday 25 January, 2020

Poet slams 'Clueless' Ishawna

The late Louise Bennett-Coverley (left) and Ishawna

The late Louise Bennett-Coverley (left) and Ishawna

Jamaican poet Sonya Stewart has written a poem delving into dancehall entertainer Ishawna's controversial comments on cultural icon, the late Louise Bennett-Coverley.

 Ishawna triggered a firestorm earlier this week on social media when she made a degrading reference to the national bandana outfits worn by 'Miss Lou'.

Declaring her style, she stated on her Instagram page that she “nuh wear tablecloth like Miss Lou”.

Stewart, in her poem Clueless, delves into the issue. Read it below.




Sonya Stewart


Mi have a serious problem with you young people that have no clue about our history or our culture. 

"Mi nuh wear tablecloth like Miss Lou".... Dear Lord help the clueless... Send help father God if yuh nuh busy 

Miss lady... Yes you...  how yuh fi call up the mother of our culture, Miss Lou name like yuh can walk in a her shoes? 

Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley or Miss Lou, Jamaican poet, folklorist, writer, and educator

Miss Lou a national treasure and you are yesterday gone out of style fabric... "Gabardine" ... Here today,  gone tomorrow... No one will remember one will care...  Kiss mi teeth... Get some knowledge... Only a dunce would touch an icon like our great poet,  our first lady of our culture ... Classless... You need to come out of the kardashian and Bling, Bling  culture and understand your history 

Pretty and dunce is not a qualification... History lesson 101... Miss Lou took our language to the world and made it acceptable so you and I could speak "Patois"...You classless girl 

The fabric she wore is symbol of Jamaica, our National Costume a part of our  festival, a celebration of our culture...   Yuh uninformed and classless girl... Pretty is not a qualification...  Get a clue then remember to say  the Honorable Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley you don't call her  Miss Lou because you dont have "NO "clue

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