Saturday 28 March, 2020

PNP Gov't will provide $100-b in credit to small businesses - Phillips

PNP President Dr Peter Phillips.

PNP President Dr Peter Phillips.

Some $100 billion will be identified and made available to small business owners under a future People’s National Party (PNP) administration according to Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips.

The PNP President made the announcement on Sunday as he addressed the public session of the party’s 80th annual conference inside the National Arena. He said making capital and land available will bring more Jamaicans into the formal economy while creating wealth among the masses.

 “The people that I want to get into the real economy is all those people that are making furniture under mango tree. And the people that are fixing car on side walk. And the women who are making uniforms and ting in them little lean to at the back of dem house.

“We want those people to come into the mainstream of the economy. We want them to become respectable small business owners. We want them to become part of the Jamaican economy that is moving on and upwards to progress,” said Phillips as he outlined what he called the PNP’s ‘covenant with the people’ on the final day of the conference.

“So we have found a way where we believe we can mobilize a major flow of credit, up to $100 billion or more. And we going to make training available for these small business people so they don’t have to operate on the margins but come up front and centre in our economic life,” Phillips added.

He said a future PNP Government would also ensure that the 60 per cent of farmers currently operating without land titles get them. He said farmers would also benefit from training.  

Dr Phillips said the PNP would move to amend some 55 pieces of legislation to make land ownership easier. He acknowledged that it’s a vexed issue that has been with us since the end of slavery. But, he said that with 700,000 Jamaicans or a quarter of the country’s 2-point-8 million people termed squatters, it was time for a change.

“We’re going to make it easier for the people to get title for the land because it will make them owners of wealth in this country. We will enable them to go to the bank, improve their own housing condition or start a little business.

“Time come now that we change this thing where a few own most of the country and the majority have no stake at all. We are the generation that is going to change it…together we can fix it,” Phillips stated.

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