Saturday 6 June, 2020

PLCA has less money to run Premier League - Edward Seaga

Action from last season's Red Stripe Premier League final between Waterhouse and Portmore United.

Action from last season's Red Stripe Premier League final between Waterhouse and Portmore United.

The country's top tier football competition is suffering from a shortfall of cash.

This was revealed by Chairman of the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA), Edward Seaga, in his message at the launch of the 2018-2019 season of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) at the offices of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) on Thursday.

The new season is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, September 16 and just ahead of the opening set of matches,  Seaga in his message stated that the PLCA has less money to run the league.

Seaga said in his message that "the responsibility of the PLCA is to raise funds for clubs in the Premier League and other critical purposes which affects the football competition. The amount of funds collected from sponsors has, unfortunately, been reduced or diminished.

"One of the main reason for this is that some of our sponsors have begun to reduce the amount usually available for sponsoring the PLCA, by providing for other competitions as well. The tight budget which we had before to finance the Premier League is therefore suffering from further reduction which make it impossible to provide the same amount to teams as before. We now have to seek out new sponsors, if this is possible."

For the new season, the JFF has mandated players to sign contracts with their cubs and Seaga has asked players to comply.

Seaga said,  " those who don’t will not be allowed to play football here or abroad. So players who did not sign a contract with their club before, should do so now."

Seaga further called on clubs to improve their fields citing that "those clubs with rough fields should make the effort to improve the situation now so that players can have good surfaces for play. Football deserves this."

And Chairman of the Professional Football Association of Jamaica, Don Anderson, said his association is mindful of the need to significantly raise the level of professionalism in the sport of football. 

Anderson said, "Jamaica is poised to move up the rankings of the sport internationally. We have done well in the various regional and Concacaf tournaments that we have competed in and have sent messages through our performance in the Gold Cup and amongst top teams that we have the talent to compete amongst some of the best in the world. 

"In order to assist this thrust however, concerted effort needs to be made to improve our venues, including ensuring better playing surfaces, better club house facilities including lighting, better spectator entry and accommodation, better club administration and by no means least, better player benefits. 

"Incentivised by the mandate from Concacaf, the PFAJ is determined to seek opportunities to assist in these processes in order to advance the progress of our sport. This season we welcome the usual two newly promoted clubs, this time in Mount Pleasant from St. Ann and Dunbeholden from St. Catherine.  We are confident that they will be seamlessly integrated into our league."

Portmore United are the defending champions.

Arnett Gardens vs Humble Lions at Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex at 7:00 pm
Reno vs Cavalier at Frome Sports Complex at 3:30 pm
Montego Bay United vs Tivoli Gardens at Wespow Park at 3:30 pm
Portmore United vs Mount Pleasant  at Prison Oval at 3:30 pm
UWI vs Harbour view at  UWI Mona Bowl at 3:30 pm

Waterhouse vs Dunbeholden vs Waterhouse Stadium at 8:35 pm

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