Thursday 23 May, 2019

Pigeons, raw sewage and garbage concerns dominate St Catherine Parish Council meeting

"Chairman these pigeons come in here and 'dee dee' on fellow councillors and leave their 'dee dee' all over the meeting room. They are a nuisance," he said.

Almost on cue, two pigeons began to fly all round the room. Rich laughter rolled through the room. Laughter. Laughter. More laughter. The laughter was so uproarious that chairman Sydney Rose had to call for order.

Other matters on the agenda were raised by councillor of the Ensom City Division, George Moodie, who complained about the sewage plant that was overflowing on his division and running into the Rio Cobre River.

"Mr Chairman, the raw sewage runs from Eltham Acres through Ensom Meadows and into the river. It's in need of urgent assistance to bring them up-to-date. We are here to represent the people and their health is of outmost importance to us. There are five to six stations and they are not being upkept and now we are only to be told that another new developing scheme will be added to it. It's a disgrace, utter disgrace," Moodie said.

In his report to the meeting, William Malabver, compliance and enforcement officer, said that over 19 summons and two arrests were made on business owners who failed to dispose of their garbage.

Malabver said: "My team from the municipal office observed on a previous night that the Chinese business owners were dumping their garbage in the market area along Cumberland Road. Also, there are some stores along Wellington and Manchester Streets that have some big rats. So I'm requesting of the council that the municipal officers and NSWMA do joint operations especially at nights."

Chairman Rose, along with other councillors, stated  their disgust that no representative of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) was in attendance at the meeting although requests were made to NWSMA executive director Audley Gordon.


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