Saturday 30 May, 2020

Photos: TPDCo brings craft extravaganza to New Kingston

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett examines one of the pieces on display at Kingston Craft Extravaganza. 
(Photo: Marlon Reid)

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett examines one of the pieces on display at Kingston Craft Extravaganza. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

The Ministry of Tourism through the craft department of the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) staged a Kingston Craft Extravaganza on Breezy Way in New Kingston on Thursday.

In line with the TPDCo’s mandate of creating opportunities and improving the livelihood of the island’s artisans, the extravaganza,  held under the theme, ‘A Fi Wi Handiwuk Dis’.

The extravaganza, which is one of three that TPDCo will host islandwide during Christmas, is aimed at introducing and marketing new products that are made by participants in the agency’s new craft stakeholders training programmes.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett, said that the tourism ministry wants to get more of the island’s craft markers involved with the tourism product.

“We feel very strongly about our artisans because they must be given the opportunity to expand their creative horizons, to build and cause more designs to emerge and more truly Jamaican products so that the market that we have in Jamaica can only grow,” Bartlett said.

Kingston Craft Extravaganza

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Events like the extravaganza highlight the cultural assets and creativity of Jamaicans, which help to enhance the authenticity of the experience of visiting the island, according to Bartlett.

He said it is the reason the Ministry of Tourism along with the Ministry of Finance and Public Service and other stakeholders have worked together to craft a shopping protocols document.

The document, which seeks to make Jamaica a shopping destination will be submitted to Cabinet early next year, Bartlett revealed.

He said, under a new arrangement the government is looking at a fiscal arrangement that will incentivise shopping to enable the expansion of dutiable goods to include leather and textile.

“What that will do is to encourage higher end shopping and some of the bigger brands can come in, but it will also allow for a broadening of the participation in the duty-free shopping arrangement,” Bartlett said.

The minister told artisans at the extravaganza, that they will have the opportunity to peddle their works at the highest level and will be protected under the new regime.

“We are excited about that as you move forward into 2019,” Bartlett said.

Artist and framer Winston Clarke and craft designer Shelly-Ann Daley of Adornable Accessories Ja, said extravaganza was a welcomed opportunity for them to showcase their products.


“It is a good concept. It is something that will help us to promote our work as artists as our name will be out there and more people will be able to find us,” Clarke said.

Daley got a number of sales throughout the day with her fashion accessories made from materials such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, leather and wood.

“It is an excellent opportunity for artisans to showcase their wares and what they have to offer. I have made some sales and for that, I am indeed grateful”, Daley said.

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