Tuesday 20 November, 2018

Photos: NCB Foundation Scholarship Awards

The NCB Foundation recently awarded several university students with scholarships valued at $40 million.

The recipients were chosen in the form of parish champions, who were each awarded with $300,000

In the end, Marisha Williams of St. James and Lisa Morrison of Kingston, were selected as national champions, earning a further $200,000 after impressing the judges in an interview.

Nine students received the Innovative, Creative, Outstanding and Nationalistic (ICON) award, which was presented to tertiary students pursuing studies in non-traditional areas. The recipients were: Chelsea Foster, Boclair Smith, E-Jon Thomas, Zavier Cheverria, Doniel Bowen, Joelle Notice, Ronaldo Ferguson, Lola Jackson and Martina Williams.

NCB’s chairman, Michael Lee-Chin, explained that as chairman of the Economic Growth Council he seeks to help grow the economy for more students to benefit.

NCB Scholarship Awards