Sunday 12 July, 2020

PHOTOS: Entertainers delight at Magnum Xplosion

Dancehall star Spice performs at the recent Magnum Xplosion event at Melbourne Cricket Club in St Andrew. (PHOTOS: Llewellyn Wynter)

Dancehall star Spice performs at the recent Magnum Xplosion event at Melbourne Cricket Club in St Andrew. (PHOTOS: Llewellyn Wynter)

Thousands turned out recently for Magnum Xplosion at Melbourne Cricket Club in St Andrew and were thrilled all night by performances from some of the island’s top entertainers.

The show was split into three distinct sections and had up-and-coming acts displaying the future of dancehall, before a handful of stalwarts from the past reminded of their heydays. They would make way for current heavy hitters.

For the section with the current trendsetters, the organisers called on Teejay, Agent Sasco, Spice, Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers entourage, Govana and Aidonia, with Chico, General B, Bling Dawg, Ward 21 and Mr Lex travelling back in time.

Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers dance group perform at Magnum Xplosion.

Blugo, Safiya, Kash, Eye Water and Devin Di Dakta gave audience members a taste of the future.

While the acts were well received, it was Agent Sasco that hooked the spectators with his usual professional set that included a guest appearance by Bounty Killer. Devin Di Dakta was also well received by the audience, as was General B.

The dapper Agent Sasco was smooth in delivering ‘Hand Ina Di Air’, ‘Fade Away’, ‘Step Pon Dem’, ‘Idiot Thing That’, ‘Blessing Come Forth’ and ‘Winning Right Now’, which all received a monster share of applause.

Patrons enjoying the show.

Towards the end of his set, Agent Sasco started ‘Almighty Protect Me’ and called up Bounty Killer, to a loud roar from the crowd, who did a number of his hits acapella.

Likewise, Ding Dong had a special section for Tarrus Riley, who added to the dancing on stage, by doing Chevaughn’s section of ‘Holiday’ as Ravers Clavers dancers brought the energy for the crowd to follow during songs such as ‘Flairy’, ‘Badman Forward Badman Pull Up’, ‘Lebeh Lebeh’, ‘Cha Cha Bwoy’, and ‘Shampoo’.

Current dancehall queen Spice was raunchy as usual with her trio of dancers creating a stir with their flicks and gyration as well as climbing the stage towers to dance acrobatically.

Agent Sasco delivered his usual professional set.

Govana was pleasing and did a portion of his set with Aidonia and the Fourth Generation gang.

Montego Bay-based artiste Teejay earlier stirred the crowd with his current monster hit 'Uptop Boss' and other hard-hitting selections.

In the veterans section, while Chico had the crowd singing, it was General B in a short and energetic performance that got the loudest applause.

See more highlights from the lens of Llewellyn Wynter in the slider below.

Magnum Xplosion 2018

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