Saturday 15 August, 2020

Photo of milk ducts go viral, freak out social media users

Have you ever thought about what milk ducts look like under all that flesh?

Turns out, not many of us have ever thought about it, which is why an image of mammary glands has gone viral, freaking out some people while leaving others in awe. 

A Twitter user who goes by the handle Artist Formerly Known as Beyonce posted an image showing what milk ducts look like beneath the skin. The flower-shaped milk glands are divided into segments from which narrow ducts carry the milk from each segment to the nipple.

The photo, posted on April 21, has gone viral, racking up over 3000 comments and 45,000 retweets.

The revelation freaked some people out. 


Others couldn't believe people's response to the image.

Some thought it was a great example of the beauty of nature. 

Some were proud they nourished their children from these flowers.




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