Monday 17 February, 2020

Phillips calls on Holness to speed up Vale Royal talks

Dr Peter Phillips

Dr Peter Phillips

Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips is calling on the government to immediately resume the Vale Royal Talks so that practical solutions may be found for some of the critical issues facing the country.

“We, the People’s National Party, are calling for the Vale Royal talks to take place quickly and urgently and to begin with the discussion on crime and the fixing of the criminal justice system. We want to talk with them directly and earnestly, we are not doing this for an ego trip. We are doing this because we love and want to protect the people of Jamaica every step of the way,” Dr Phillips told the party supporters in Clarendon as he installed Patricia Duncan Sutherland as the South East Clarendon candidate.  

Dr Phillips said the Vale Royal Talks is one of the few avenues open where discussions can be held in an open and frank manner.

“The PNP warned the Prime Minister that they needed more money to fight crime but they didn’t listen,” Dr Phillips pointed out.

 “We told them from the year before last that the money is not sufficient for the police and that if you don’t give the police enough resources crime is going to overwhelm the country; so said so done crime overwhelm the country.”

He said that the PM failed to act appropriately in St. James and introduced the Zones of Special Operation (ZoSO) in a part of the parish that had little crime. In the meantime, crime was running away in the rest of the parish forcing the introduction of a State of Emergency.

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