Friday 7 August, 2020

Petrol prices marginally up this week

The state-owned Petrojam oil refinery has announced that E-10 87 gasoline will be sold for $0.48 more to the trade, reflecting prices of $122.72 per litre for E-10 87, and $125.55 for E-10 90, effective on Thursday.

Automotive diesel oil will be increased by $0.30 per litre, with a selling price of $122.70 to the trade.

The price of kerosene is to go up by $0.10, selling at $104.48.

This is while propane cooking gas will rise by $0.35 to sell for $47.35, while butane will go up by $1.75, to sell for $51.13.

The marketing companies and retailers will add their respective margins to the announced prices from Petrojam.

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