Tuesday 29 September, 2020

People can now afford macaroni - Gov't senator hits back at opposition

Matthew Samuda

Matthew Samuda

Government Senator, Matthew Samuda says consumer spending power has improved under the Holness administration.

Samuda made the declaration on Friday as he pushed back against criticisms from opposition members of the Upper House who - repeating an argument made by Opposition Spokesperson on Finance, Mark Golding - argued that the Government's boast of "no new taxes" in the 2018/19 Budget was disingenuous against the background of what they said were huge tax packages the last two cycles.

Samuda was praising the lack of tax measures in the latest budget when Opposition senators shouted "three budgets late" and branded the Government as "macaroni", a term now popularly used in Jamaica to disparage others. This prompted Samuda to outline a number of what he said were achievements by the Government in improving the lives of Jamaicans.

"We are not late because the fact is that you had to increase consumer spending and the only way to do that was to put money in people's pockets," Samuda said.

"You talk about 'macaroni'; the fact is that 60,000 more people has gotten jobs under this government than before... the only macaroni you should be talking about is the fact that some consumers, who couldn't buy it before, now can," he added.

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