Thursday 26 November, 2020

Patrae Rowe leaves Police Federation

Patrae Rowe, former chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation

Patrae Rowe, former chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation

Patrae Rowe has stepped aside as chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation following his promotion to the rank of inspector.

Rowe's final day as chairman of the federation, which represents police officers to the rank of inspector, was on Friday. 

In a message to the media, Rowe disclosed that based on section 67 of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Act, members of the federation executive are elected within their ranks and by their peers to serve at the executive level. 

"Having been promoted from sergeant to inspector, there is currently a vacancy in the sergeant rank and I have lost my standing on the committee," he said.

The newly-minted inspector expressed his gratitude to members of the media for giving him "a platform to highlight matters that are important to us and my members." 

He continued: "I appreciate how receptive you were to my advocacy and i now hold a strong sense of gratitude for your work and the efforts you expended to give me a space to reach my people.

"I am eternally grateful and I hope you will continue to support the police and future leaders of the Federation."

Meanwhile, in a message to his colleagues, the former Police Federation Chairman encouraged them to continue working hard.

"I celebrate the fact that I am leaving the Central Executive of the Jamaica Police Federation better than I found it," Rowe said.

"The tenets of my leadership were patience, integrity, humility, forthrightness, honesty, love and dedication. I exercised these qualities deliberately as part of my strategy to impact well needed change in representation," he explained.

As a team, Rowe said the federation under his leadership implemented strategic priorities and published them for the very first time. 

He noted too, that the federation defined the roles and responsibilities of its directors and for the first time they led through clear job descriptions.

"Members' confidence is extremely high and we have positioned ourselves as a credible advocacy group which has secured the respect of our members and the Jamaican people," Rowe disclosed, adding "Our public discourse were measured, well reasoned, professional and secured the admiration of important partners."

He said he was confident that he was leaving behind a "solid foundation" on which the Police Federation could build further. 

The former chairman also expressed his gratitude to members of the federation for their support.

Rowe was first elected chairman of the Police Federation in June of last year, succeeding Corporal Arleen McBean.

Prior to his appointment as chairman, Rowe held the post of General Secretary of the federation.

It is not yet clear when a new chairman will replace him. 


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