Monday 19 August, 2019

Parents of snatched newborn considering legal action

Victoria Jubilee Hospital

Victoria Jubilee Hospital

The parents of a newborn who was abducted from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital on Wednesday say they are considering taking legal action against the healthcare institution.

Sinclair Hutton, the father of the snatched two-day old, is accusing the hospital of negligence in the disappearance of the child, as well as ill-treating him and his wife in the aftermath of the incident.

“Right now we looking to take legal action, imagine we lose we baby and nobody saying anything; we need some action,” a distraught Hutton told Loop News.

To make matters worse, he said “people all a blame we, saying me woman sell har baby.”

Loop News understands that about 4:30 am Wednesday, the child's mother went to the bathroom to freshen up, leaving the baby on the bed, but on her return, her newborn was missing. 

Hutton said the situation is especially stressful because the mother, his common-law wife, Suzette Whyte, lost a child after giving birth at the hospital two years ago. The child, a baby girl, died after three days.

Hutton said he was reporting the matter to The Office of the Public Defender as he explores his legal options.

Whyte meanwhile remains heartbroken over the incident and is demanding answers from the hospital.

“Right now they tell me that they want to discharge me from the hospital and I still don’t get back my baby ... I told them that I not leaving until I get some answers and me baby,” the distraught mother told Loop News.

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