Monday 19 August, 2019

Parent/coach who hit child while in China suspended by ASAJ

The parent who struck his teenage daughter while they were in China participating in an exchange programme last summer has been suspended for three months by the Aquatics Sports Association of Jamaica (ASAJ).

The parent, who is also a coach, and who was representing the ASAJ in China at the time of the incident, has also been stripped of his voting rights during the suspension period.

President of the ASAJ, Martin Lyn, confirmed the suspension a short while ago while speaking with Loop Sports.

“It is with immediate effect,” Lyn said.

“We do not condone any act of violence of any sort against any of our athletes,” Lyn added.

The story was first reported by Loop Sports last November. The incident happened during the summer when 17 members of the national swim team were in China as part of an exchange programme between Jamaica and China.

According to the allegations then, the parent, who was conducting coaching duties, expressed his frustrations with the efforts of his daughter and struck out, hitting her, much to the shock of the Chinese hosts.

When contacted in November, the parent was at first cautious about speaking.

 “It’s a pending matter, I’m not going to comment,” he said.

When pressed, he questioned the motives of the persons who brought the matter to Loop Sports. He also questioned whether the decision to go to the press was to embarrass his child or him.

The parent repeated that it was a pending matter that he would not comment on, before hanging up the phone. However, more than an hour later, the parent called back, this time telling our reporter that “it is not true”. 

When contacted then, Lyn said a probe was being conducted into the reports.

Lyn told Loop News that, if the allegations prove to be true, the parent, who has voting rights on the ASAJ council, would likely be stripped of those rights.

“The constitution allows for that. We would follow that rule,” Lyn said.

Members of the swim team and several other national sporting teams travelled to China last summer as part of a programme that came out of a Memorandum of Understanding between Jamaica and China.

Sports Minister, Olivia Grange, signed the historic agreement with General Manager of China Sport International Company (the state-owned sports cooperation agency) Lu Guoguang last August.

It will see over 400 Jamaican athletes travelling to China for training over the next three years.

At the time of signing, Grange said it was the first time that so many Jamaican athletes would benefit directly from a bilateral sports cooperation agreement.

A number of athletes across seven disciplines - synchronised swimming, gymnastics, swimming, badminton, women's volleyball, women's football, and women's basketball – have already travelled to China.

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