Thursday 26 November, 2020

Over 50 prosecuted as cops swoop down in St Catherine

The police in St Catherine say they have stepped up operations to clamp down on persons breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act.

Police say in last week they have receive reports of promoters hosting a number of secret parties and other off the radar entertainment activities in breach of COVID protocols.

Police said in a bid to clamp down on the illegal events they have heightened operational activities in the parish, this has so far led to the prosecution of over fifty persons found in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act for the period October 01 to 30.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in charge of the St Catherine South Division, Clive Blair, says over 1500 persons have been warned over the period, more than 310 business establishments ordered closed and more than 100 loud noises have been turned off by the police in accordance with the Disaster Risk Management Act regulation.

The SSP further states that they are aware of parties being hosted in secluded areas and that they are being advertised on social media without stipulated venues.

 He added that these events are very risky for patrons who are sometimes victims of conflicts among gang members.  

There are instances where the criminals use these events and the opportunity it affords them to carry out attacks on their rivals and patrons who are innocent bystanders.

Where the police are not aware of these secret events they will not be policed and patrons are far more vulnerable to attacks and are therefore encouraged not to attend them. 

The police are working to ascertain these locations and will apprehend promoters who are in breach.

They are appealing to citizens to adhere to guidelines outlined in the Disaster Risk Management Act.

The police further urged citizens to report loud noise events, any suspicious activities or large gatherings to the nearest Police Station or the 119 Police emergency number.



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