Saturday 31 October, 2020

Over 1,000 tickets issued as cops target motorists with illegal lights

Police say they have issued over 1,000 tickets and removed the license plates from more than 500 vehicles over the last seven days.

This was done under a special initiative, launched to target motorists operating vehicles that have lights that are not the specified colour under the Road Traffic Act (RTA), or vehicles with flashing and bright lights that may affect or impede other motorists.

Police said the nightly operations began on Monday, November 25 and since then several persons were arrested and their vehicles seized. 


In Area 1, the St James Police issued the most traffic tickets - 199, with 167 being light-related offences. One hundred and thirty-four licence plates were removed during the operations.

In Westmoreland, 52 licence plates were removed and 86 traffic tickets issued, 50 for light-related offences. One motor vehicle was seized during the operations. 

Forty-one tickets were issued for light-related offences in Hanover and 39 licence plates were removed. Fifty-nine traffic tickets were issued in Trelawny with 29 being for light-related offences, the police said. 

In Area 2, the St Ann Police removed 55 licence plates and issued 80 traffic tickets, 15 of which were for light-related offences. 

In St Mary, 30 traffic tickets were issued, half for light-related offences. Seventeen licence plates were also removed. 

In Area 3, the Manchester police reaped the most success, issuing 250 traffic tickets, 90 of which were for light-related offences. One hundred and forty-one licence plates were removed and one arrest was made, the police said.

The St Elizabeth Police issued 46 traffic tickets, 23 of which were for light-related offences. Two persons were arrested and 19 licence plates were removed. Over in the Clarendon Division, 25 traffic tickets were issued. 

In Area 4: Fifty-three traffic tickets were issued in the Kingston Central Division with 14 being for light-related offences. Two arrests were also made. 

In Kingston West, 47 traffic tickets were issued, 41 being for light-related offences. Twenty-three licence plated were also removed. Five tickets were issued in the St Andrew South Police Division. 

Ten licence plates were removed as well as 10 tickets issued, all for light-related offences, in St Andrew Central. 

In Area 5: One hundred and two traffic tickets were issued in St Catherine North, with 31 being for light-related offences. Thirty-one licence plates were removed. 

Over in St Catherine South, 120 traffic tickets were issued, 43 for light-related offences. One arrest was made, two motorcycles seized and 26 licence plates removed. 

Thirty-seven licence plates were removed in St Thomas and 52 traffic tickets were issued, to include 22 for light-related offences. One man was also arrested.​

One arrest was made, one motor vehicle was seized, 32 licence plates were removed and 22 of the 68 traffic tickets issued were for light-related offences in St Andrew North. 

Additionally, members of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) issued 175 traffic tickets, 81 for light-related offences and removed 111 licence plates. 



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