Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Oshane Junior scores with Squash's 'Still a Roam'

Oshane Junior

Oshane Junior

Oshane “Shane Creative” Junior, known for his outstanding work as a music video director, is now dabbling in music production. He has found immediate success with Squash's latest single, 'Still a Roam', which was #1 on Trending for several days. 

"I grew up around dancehall music. My brother-in-law 'Knatural Flo' had a studio in my house in Grants Pen. And that was where an artiste brought a camcorder and left it one time because it was malfunctioning. And I started taking it out and bringing it to school. I have always had the love for the camera, and now I am pursuing another love, music production," he said. 

The single, which is released on the Wikid Media imprint, has racked up over 400,000 views in only four days. 

"The video is doing really well and knowing that this is my first production, this is a major achievement for me," Oshane Junior said. 

Oshane Junior has carved out a great reputation as a brilliant music video creative under the Wikid Media brand. He grew up in Grants Pen, and later attended Jamaica College, where he excelled at subjects like visual arts and technical drawing. As a teenager, he became intrigued by the camera and began to borrow one from his friend to pursue his hobby. He began to research editing as well as film and video production.

"I take inspiration from Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, and Collin Tilley for my own shooting style," he said.

He has racked up an impressive CV so far, having directed several videos, including Squash's 'Trending', Kartel's 'World Government', Daddy 1's 'Custom', Jahvillani's 'Clarks' and Jafrass' 'Crime Lord'. 

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