Wednesday 3 June, 2020

OBEAH PACKAGE ON THE WAY: ‘Healer’ launches city delivery service

The topic of obeah or just the mention of the terms the ‘dark arts’ or ‘spiritual healing’ are things that remains taboo in Jamaica.

Persons who dare to talk about the subject matter generally do so in low or hushed tones for fear of aggressive negative reactions from their peers.

But amidst that scenario, a 31-year-old man who calls himself a spiritual healer has started a business at a location in downtown Kingston, from which he hopes will change the perception that many Jamaicans have of the practice of obeah.

While starting such an organisation is not entirely new, there is definitely a new twist to this latest initiative.

The man said that for his operation which was started some two months ago, he has been using a number of creative methods to draw, attract and retain customers - and to effectively compete with whatever others in the practice bring to the table.

These strategies include bringing the service to those who are interested in it.

“What I find in Jamaica is that people fear what they do not understand, and many times they want to benefit from the service of the spiritual healer (obeah man), but they do not want anyone to see them coming into the (obeah) shop,” said the self-proclaimed healer who declined to share his his real name

“We (therefore) have a delivery service where we can reach out to persons who are interested. Once they live in the Corporate Area, all they have to do is leave an address. It does not even have to be at a premises. If they even want it to be delivered at a bus stop, it can be done."

His business is interestingly labelled ‘Jah Haitian Candle Shop’, and he said his service is so flexible that he does not have to place markings on his packages when they are being delivered, so that persons who may be looking on will not detect what the customers are collecting.

“Many people continue to shun the service that we offer, but many times that will change when they find themselves in problems and want help,” said the ‘healer’.

He claimed that he has gotten customers from all sections of society, even some individuals whom many would not dare to think would venture to such a place of business, much less to transact business, whether in-store or by through the delivery option.

The man who sells candles of various sizes and shapes, and various chemicals and oils which are said to address any problems - including broken relationships, financial challenges and inability to secure employment - said with his mobile approach, he hopes to change the perception that many have of his profession.

Notably, he said his biggest customer base is from the ranks of the unemployed.

“With the high level of unemployment in the country, I get a lot of customers who are seeking to get a job. I also get a lot of customers who are gamblers and want to get some form of help to win,” said the ‘spiritual man’. 

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