Sunday 12 July, 2020

NWC reintroduces water restrictions for Corporate Area customers

Major water restrictions are coming for Corporate Area customers served by the National Water Commission (NWC), in large part due to a lack of rainfall over the past few months.

The restrictions will see customers receiving water for 12 hours each day.

The water utility in a statement Wednesday, said the areas to be affected are served by its Constant Spring treatment plant. It said the reintroduction of the restrictive measures follows on-going monitoring of the water supply system in a bid to provide regular service, at prescribed pressures during the supply times.

The NWC said the lack of rainfall has resulted in a significant reduction in inflows to the plant. And, although May is a traditional rainy month, the state-owned company said the inflows for this month have been less than the average volumes for previous years.

“If this trends continues, the NWC is expecting that the storage levels will be further depleted, hence the need for restrictions at this time,” the company said.

The restrictions will see areas above the West Kings House Road intersection served during the daytime hours of 6am to 6 pm. The areas include:

Constant Spring Road, Contact Spring Gardens, Constant Spring Grove, Central Avenue, Manor Park, Shortwood Road, Whitehall Gardens, Red Hills Road, Queensborough, Queensbury, Hughenden, Havendale, Camperdown Terrace, Mannings Hill Road and roads leading off, Arlene Gardens, Roehampton, Meadowbrook, Valentine Gardens, Calabar Mews, Ziade Gardens, State Gardens, Molynes Road - from Perkins Boulevard to its intersection with Washington Boulevard, sections of Patrick City, sections of Pembroke Hall and sections of Duhaney Park.

Areas below the West Kings House Road intersection will be served at night-time from 6pm to 6am. These areas include:

Cassia Park, Hagley Park, Maxfield Avenue, Eastwood Park Gardens, Molynes Road - from Eastwood Park Road (Half-Way Tree) to Washington Boulevard, Hagley Park Road and roads leading off, sections of Waltham Park Road, sections of downtown Kingston including Trench Town, Jones Town, Denham Town and Rose Town.

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