Thursday 12 December, 2019

Nuffy the 'top trainer' feels he can break new acts

MC Nuffy

MC Nuffy

He is known as the 'top trainer'. Most of the movers and shakers within entertainment circles know Andrew 'Nuffy' Nelson, the charismatic emcee who has worked the stages of the most importance dancehall and reggae events for the past decade and more. 

Nuffy first made his mark when he hosted an entertainment show on JACS cable, which was very successful. He interviewed several entertainers and allowed amateur acts to perform on the show. The Camperdown High School past student and comedian/dancer built up a decent following for a number of years. His work was instrumental in the rise of many dancehall artistes from Portmore. 

"It was around 19 years ago when Chuck Fenda, Spice, Vybz Kartel, I-Wayne, Ghandi and Gyptian a rise up. The cable show did a lot for them before they got on the national platform. Right now, we need to identify, and nurture the new generation of artistes who a go represent fi dancehall inna the 21st century," he said.

Four years ago, Nuffy tried production in a radical move that cut against the grain of how dancehall rhythms are produced and marketed in Jamaica. The rhythm failed to take off but Nuffy is undaunted by the tough task that lies ahead to 'buss' these new artistes.

He is an ace at stage craft, often attending rehearsals to give pointers to artistes and fine-tuning their onstage routines. 

"Over the last 15 years, most of the artistes who have to face the audience know that Nuffy put the energy to soothe down the stage fright, I know what to do, I know the approach. I go to rehearsals, tell you which songs to choose, give you the more general training, how to command the stage, and talk to the bandsman dem," Nuffy said.

However, a couple years ago, Nuffy faced a major challenge when he got himself into some difficulties and the emcee's life was threatened. In the wake of this incident, Nuffy began to have an adversarial relationship with many artistes who he felt could have done more to come to his aid in his time of great danger. 

"Things take a turn in life, and things go bad for me. Mi ah look fi help from the artistes, but ah only Vybz Kartel did buy mi a ticket fi tek weh miself. After that, the whole thing get mi miserable and mi attack them. That's why the last few years, you see me and artistes always at it on social media and in the papers," he said. 

Older, and wiser now, he is able to analyze things clearly and see the direction the music industry needs to move forward in the 21st century. He wants to play the role of shepherd for upcoming acts who want to make it to the next level. 

"I can stage-manage, if voicing a gwaan, mi know range. Mi know performance, I know what it takes. I learn a lot from Heavy D and Laing, and they learn a lot from me

I have emceed the biggest shows, Champions in Action, Sting, Island Explosion, Reggae Sumfest. I still have the know-how, even though the  business change from strictly talent to money,  I know talent,I am the top trainer in the music business," Nuffy said. 

Nuffy is presently managing the careers of artistes like Portmore-based Fras Hill, and Klassy, a new upcoming female act from Linstead. 

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