Saturday 11 July, 2020

Nuffy plans to sue Spice over alleged defamation

Nuffy and Spice

Nuffy and Spice

Popular emcee Andrew 'Nuffy' Nelson intends to file a defamation lawsuit against entertainer Spice over recent comments made by the artiste during an Instagram Live post that he said painted him as a sexual deviant, child molester, and a drug mule. 

"Spice has done a really vile thing with her defamatory statements. Suppose her comments cause me to be arrested or  indicted, or mek me lose custody of my twins, or have to move out of town and lose my business? Spice, not because yu a ride pon a high horse... you can't post anonymous lies on the Internet without suffering the consequences," an irate Nuffy told Loop News reporter Claude Mills.

During the Instagram Live post, Spice accused Nuffy of paedophilia and drug trafficking. She also lambasted D'Angel and made allegations about broadcaster Nikki Z's personal life.

"I am calling a lawyer today. I already have the number. Is because I am babysitting the twins now why I haven't called from morning.  She call me a drug mule, say she going call immigration and that I'm a paedophile. Where's the proof? You ever see me get locked up? I have never been a drug mule or locked up or interrogated for being a paedophile, Spice gone too far now," the US-based emcee said.

He said he plans to file the defamation suit in the United States because that is where he earns his living and, at the time of the allegations, where he is located. 

"Right now, from she make the allegations, mi see some strange number ah call mi phone, and mi fraid fi ansa it. Right now, the way she defame mi character, mi feel say the authorities, or anybody can kick off mi door any minute, and lock me up, worse yu know how the US ah run right now," he said. 

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