Thursday 9 July, 2020

'Nuff nuff credit' for Digicel customers this Easter

Digicel Jamaica CEO Justin Morin does the 'shoulder fling' dance at the communication leader's Destination Data launch last month.

Digicel Jamaica CEO Justin Morin does the 'shoulder fling' dance at the communication leader's Destination Data launch last month.

In a creative response to its “nuff data, more talk” plans, customers have dared Digicel to go farther by offering what they describe as “nuff nuff credit” for topping up their Prepaid service. Taking their suggestion seriously, Digicel Jamaica CEO, Justin Morin, came up with the Easter Bonus Credit offer – giving Prepaid customers the option to choose a 7-day period within which they’d get an additional 25 per cent credit on each local top-up done via direct/electronic method or scratch card. Customers can accumulate up to $1,000.00 in bonus credit during the 7 days.

The promotion runs from March 8-31.

“Knowing how popular our nuff data and talk offers have become since we launched them in February, we figured it would only be a matter of time before customers begin to want the same for other things from Digicel. And during almost every conversation with customers about getting the most out of their data, they also mentioned wanting ‘nuff nuff credit’,” commented Digicel Data Doctor, Jody-Ann Fearon.

Only too happy to take the Data Doctor’s advice, Morin responded, “When customers talk, we listen and we make changes. And I want to thank all of our customers for coming up with these fantastic ideas whenever our Destination Tour rolls into their area. So we’re very happy to bring more value to them as they walk away with a nice gift of bonus credit every time they top-up during a week of their choice this month.” 

Consistent with putting Digicel customers in control of their experience, Morin explained that customers have the flexibility to choose which 7-day period they wish to activate in order to get the highest amount of chances to top-up and collect their bonus credit. He reasoned, “Some customers would wish to start their 7-day period when they know they'll be able maximise on making multiple top-up transactions. That’s fine. We want them to choose what’s best for their pockets and lifestyle.”

With this new offer, the more Digicel Prepaid customers top-up, the more they will save. For example, a customer who would usually pay the tax-inclusive amount of $125 for $100 worth of credit, will now receive $125 in credit with the new Easter Bonus Credit offer.

To get in this value-packed deal, all a Digicel Prepaid customer would have to do is sign up for the Easter Bonus using the MyDigicel app or by dialing *147# from a Digicel mobile.

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