NO SURPRISE: Dad not shocked daughter-in-law linked to son’s killing

The father of slain entertainer Jamari Reid has said that he’s not surprised that his son’s 56-year-old wife has been charged in connection with his murder.

"I am not really surprised about the wife,” said Fitzroy ‘Johnny’ Reid, who didn’t disclose his reason for not being taken aback by the charging of Canadian resident Monique Cook-Reid.

However, Reid — who said he’s “very devastated” over the murder of his 25-year-old son — said he’s more surprised by the others who are being linked to the August 24 slaying.

“With the love that people have for me,” said the distraught father, “I am surprised over some of the names that are called.”

Reid, who is an ex-cop commended detectives from the Falmouth Police Station for quickly cracking the case.

Cooke-Reid of an Ontario, Canada address was charged Friday with solicitation to commit murder.

Members of the Falmouth community were thrown in shock following the execution-style killing by two armed men at Reid’s home at 10:00 pm.

The gunmen tied up all three occupants of the house but only the entertainer was killed.

Reid — who said he exchanged text messages with Jamari the day before he was killed — said his son would have been alive today had he been aware, prior to the murder, of information now  coming to him.

"Jamari was too quiet for his own good because if some of the things I heard happening in the last days — if I had known, he would not have died that way,” he said.

“Very quiet, a family person," Reid said about his son.

FEATURED PHOTO CAPTION: Accused killer wife Monique Cooke-Reid, husband Jamari Reid, dad Fitzroy ‘Johnny’ Reid.